MNB Brokers

At MNB Brokers, we assist our clients with all aspects of buying and/or selling a business. We understand that buying a business in most instances is not just a transaction. It's a lifelong dream becoming a reality. The sale of a business is an entrepreneur letting go of a creation. Therefore, we treat all our clients with the utmost Respect and Confidentiality.

Buying or selling a business is not a beginning or an end, but rather the first step into a new journey that needs to be carefully planned, prepared and executed to ensure success.

At MNB Brokers we aim to be pre-eminent in our field through service excellence.

Selling a Business

We can assist business owners in preparing their business for sale. We will determine a value for their business and can also create a Business Exit Plan, gathering all the relevant documentation and preparing it in a neat and presentable format that is easily understandable and trasnparent. This helps determine the best method of entering the business in the market by preparing a marketing strategy best suited to the business and its target market.

Buying a Business

We can assist potential buyers in finding a business most suited to them. If we do not have a suitable business on our books, we will go out and actively search for one. Once a business has been found we start negotiating and fact finding on behalf of our clients. We gather all the relevant information and present it in a manner approved by most Financing institution. We guide the buyer throughout the whole purchasing process if needed.

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